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Amani Sunbird – An Endangered Bird

Amani Sunbird

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As a child you may have experienced the change in seasons from winter to spring and you start to hear the birds chirp.

Unfortunately, as cities expand and take away habitats of nature’s most adorable animals, the Amani Sunbird, among many other species of endangered birds, is no longer part of the birds that chirp away near your house.

The reality is that birds become endangered because of habitat loss. The Amani Sunbird ((Hedydipna pallidigaster), who finds its home usually in central eastern Africa, is part of an ever-growing list of endangered animals.

Male birds can be identified by its white and deep green feathered body with a pointy beak. It’s not a large bird by any means at 9cm. A female Sunbird would have some yellow and grey tones. As mentioned, the reason why birds become endangered is because of habitat loss. To put things into perspective, one less tree in the world means one less home for birds who house their nests on tree branches. This is why it’s so important that more trees get planted and to perform less clearance. Some of the Amani Sunbird’s favorite places to visit are on trees.

The Amani Sunbird feeds on caterpillars, spiders, and different flying insects. As opposed to certain birds, they may prefer to fly both in groups or by themselves. Breeding season is normally from May-June and September-December and the female birds would build nests on trees to perform this. You may now realize the importance of trees in conserving the life of birds as it would be hard to reproduce without enough habitat for them to do so, causing them to be endangered. Therefore, it’s important to realize where these birds live and share a part of our land with them so they can contribute their part of the life cycle.

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